• Satapura as a village has a separate entity as Dhanipur is separated by Paddy field with a total Muslim community.
  • Satapura Village has 25 Karan Families, 3 Fishermen Families, 1 Oilman Family,3 Vaishnab Families and 20 Bhoi Families.
  • Satapura has a Primary School, a Temple Complex, A Village Library “MADHUSUDAN PATHAGAR” established in the year 1934 by the then youths of the village, the First of its kind in and around 10 km radius.
  • After the death of Legendary Barister Madhusudan Das who fought to get Odisha a statehood on language basis in India during British Rule.
  • In true sense a tiny hamlet yet culturally the most advanced village in the locality.
  • Satapura at present has around 29 Engineers working PAN INDIA and abroad, 5 Doctors.